Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI Leader, Santa Monica College, 2019

I served as a Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader for 1.5 years at Santa Monica College for 10 hours a week.

Subjects include “Trigonometry with Applications” (Spring 2019), “Multivariable Calculus” (Fall 2019), and “Electricity and Magnetism” together with “Linear Algebra” (Spring 2020).

My responsibilities include attending every lecture meeting as a model student, holding 3 one-hour weekly study sessions for students (6 weekly sessions in Spring 2020 due to 2 classes), and holding exam reviews.

For my workshops, I made hand-written worksheets accommodating different learning styles and levels of understanding, and I implemented various teaching strategies such as redirecting questions, checking for understanding, and giving wait time when asking questions.